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Ryan Begley

Research Integrity Manager, Frontiers



Summarize yourself and professional experience in a few sentences (where you’re from, course of study, where you currently work, job title).

I am a Research Integrity Manager with Frontiers media. I run a team of eight specialists covering the life science portfolio. We check manuscripts for potential quality and integrity concerns, as well as perform post-publication investigations.

Please describe the main function of your organization and your current responsibilities.

My role within the organization is to provide support for my team of specialists, advising them on complex cases and maintaining an overview of their workload. I am also responsible for a number of working groups aimed at investigating RI issues (such as open data policies) and proposing evidence-based improvements to our processes

How did you get into scholarly communications, and what was your path to your current role?

I previously worked as a researcher at a university. When my project came to a natural end I was looking for where to go next and decided on moving into industry. It was a big change at first, but an exciting one. As a specialist I managed a varied portfolio, moving up to senior specialist after two years, and eventually into management.

What are some of the surprises/obstacles that you’ve encountered during your career?

The field changes much faster than I anticipated before. Misconduct that is common in one month can disappear the next as we adapt to it, and those committing misconduct adapt to us. It’s an arms race which creates an exciting, dynamic work environment but can also be quite the challenge.

What advice would you give to people interested in a career in scholarly communications?

There are many different roles within academic publishing, and they can all be quite different. For anyone interested in moving into the career I would suggest looking at all the options. While one job might not seem a good fit, there are so many that a role perfectly suited for you might be just around the corner.

Career level: Early Career | Industry Area: Editorial, Publishing