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Lučka Bibič

Head of Article Pipeline Management, Springer Nature


Summarize yourself and professional experience in a few sentences (where you’re from, course of study, where you currently work, job title).

I grew up in Slovenia and graduated from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) as a pharmaceutical scientist. After spending a year in Sydney (Australia), I then focused on researching spider venoms and chronic pain at the University of East Anglia (U.K.) for my doctoral study. While pursuing her Ph.D. in chemical sciences, I also worked at the University of Cambridge and BBC5Live as a science communicator, developed a virtual reality game on the idea of her Ph.D., led the winning team at the national entrepreneurship biotechnology competition in the U.K., and spoke at TEDx. My passion for science communication and education led me into digital product management with a particular focus on content performance. I now enjoy my role as the Head of Article Pipeline Management at Springer Nature, and it helps to make a difference for academics out there. In my free time, I love running trails, enjoy being a plant mom, and write about science.

Please describe the main function of your organization and your current responsibilities.

I work at Springer Nature, where I oversee the article pipeline management for our entire catalog of around 3000 journals. In this role, I lead a talented team and spearhead the launch of performance products, aiming to streamline processes that help academics publish their work faster.

What advice would you give to people interested in a career in scholarly communications?

For those eyeing a journey into scholarly communications, my advice is simple: dive in with curiosity and an open mind! Blend your love for communication with a sprinkle of tech-savviness and a dash of project management skills. Seek out opportunities to learn and grow, whether it’s through internships, workshops, or online courses. And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun along the way – after all, making a difference is a journey filled with both challenges and joy.

Any fun facts or hobbies outside of scholarly communications?

Outside of scholarly communications, I’m often found chasing trails and tackling ultra-marathons in the mountains. Running isn’t just exercise for me; it’s a fun game I play with nature, a meditation in motion where I find stillness in the movement.

Career Level: Early Career (0-5 years)

Industry area: Technology