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Elisabeth Detisova Ringuer

Strategic Partnerships Manager, Nature Research, Springer Nature


Summarize yourself and your professional experience in a few sentences

My background is in translation and interpreting, and I had 10 years of sales experience when I joined the publishing industry. I joined publishing at Nature Publishing Group as a Sales Executive, in charge of selling and renewing subscriptions to our journals in a few European countries. When we became Springer Nature, I moved to the role of Account Manager for the French market.

Please describe the main function of your organization and your current responsibilities.

I am currently the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Nature Research, a division of Springer Nature. I am in charge of developing the European market for additional services that Nature Research offers to institutions and authors. These services include promotion, training, editing, and custom publications, among others.

How did you get into scholarly communications, and what was your path to your current role?

I joined a sales position at Nature Publishing group due to my language knowledge and sales experience. I then learned and gained experience in the industry while working.

What are some of the surprises/obstacles that you’ve encountered during your career?

The most interesting fact I faced is that the industry is changing, and going in a direction that is new to everyone. As a salesperson, I have lived that change with the open access (OA) trend, as I am part of Springer Nature, one of the leading publishers in the OA transition.

What advice would you give to people interested in a career in scholarly communications?

I think the scholarly industry has numerous departments and roles that are not just scientific. I believe any person, even without any experience, can find a suitable and very interesting place. My advice would be to learn all sides of the industry. We don’t necessarily need to develop within the same department or team, there are lots of new sides to discover.