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Annual Meeting Program Committee

The Annual Meeting Program Committee is the largest standing SSP committee and, we think, one of the most fun because it gives members a chance to have a voice and a direct hand in planning and executing the Annual Meeting and is an excellent opportunity for networking, upskilling/cross-skilling, and adding to individuals’ brands.

Roster Info

A full roster has 30-40 volunteers. | Current Roster

The AMPC typically has several working groups in addition to the general committee work, depending on needs identified during the initial planning phases in August and September. In past years, examples of working groups have been subcommittees dedicated to determining the keynote theme and speaker, posters session, virtual experience, previews session, and more. 

Tasks & Projects

  • Select the overall meeting theme.
  • Determine topics, source speakers, and moderators for the keynote, plenary, and concurrent sessions.
  • Run the Previews and Poster sessions
  • Guide expectations and best practices
  • Work with the SSP Board, staff, and other SSP committees to plan the schedule and promote the Annual Meeting.


Generally speaking, committee members meet 1-3 times monthly, and the workload is low to moderate depending on the time of year. The AMPC members are engaged and passionate members of the scholarly communications industry dedicated to making the Annual Meeting an informative and successful event for all attendees. We expect that they will:

  • Be present and engaged on the monthly committee calls and participate in brainstorming and creativity related to the theme/sessions/speakers.
  • Work independently on assigned tasks such as session shepherding.
  • Take on extra tasks as their general workload and interest allow.

The AMPC’s fundamental purpose is to plan and deliver a compelling program for the Annual Meeting and help SSP to engage the global scholarly communications industry, make SSP a home for scholarly communications professionals at every career stage, and embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in everything we do. Our work is closely aligned with SSP’s Core Values and Strategic Goals in that we:

  • Develop community by increasing the diversity of the membership to broaden participation in the committee’s work actively.
  •  Drive inclusivity by encouraging every member to contribute, reinforcing each individual’s value, and allocating adequate time and opportunity for engagement.
  • Embody adaptability by embracing the value of re-examining past decisions to validate that they still make sense in today’s changing climate.
  • Demonstrate integrity by sharing our work with committee members and the larger community.

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