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Scholarly Kitchen Cabinet

The Kitchen Cabinet is the governing body for The Scholarly Kitchen (TSK). Its responsibilities include settling governance issues, appointing the editor, reporting on TSK metrics and development to the Board of Directors, and making recommendations to the SSP Executive Committee regarding new opportunities for TSK.

Roster Info

A full roster has 10-12 volunteers. | Current Roster

For 2024-25, we will be looking for three or four new volunteers who are not currently Scholarly Kitchen chefs. We will also set up a temporary outreach working group to lead the readership survey work.

Tasks & Projects

  • Scholarly Kitchen Readership Survey 
  • Scholarly Kitchen outreach working group
  • Metadata/tagging for Scholarly Kitchen posts


  • Monthly meetings (currently 9 am ET on the second Friday of each month, subject to change)
  • Rotating minutes – each Cabinet member is responsible in turn
  • A mix of discussion based on current and potential future projects updates about the Kitchen, non-editorial issues 

TSK strives to remain agile in response to significant events and recently provided rapid insights into the memo issued by the Office of Science and Technology Policy, offering diverse perspectives on its impact on various stakeholders. TSK values feedback from its annual reader surveys, leveraging insights to foster transparency and trust in its relationships with the community.

Benefits of contributing to these projects

  • Help us grow our understanding of the value of the Scholarly Kitchen and set goals for future improvements.
  • Help increase discoverability, readership, and awareness of the Kitchen and its content.

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