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Awards Program Task Force

Develop an awards program that will be repeated annually to recognize excellence in various categories of scholarly communications. 

Roster Info

A full roster has 10-15 volunteers. | Current Roster

The Awards Program Task Force is looking to recruit 4 new volunteers.

Tasks & Projects

The Awards Program requires a combination of staff and volunteer support. A task force has been appointed to develop the parameters for the awards, including branding, award categories, rules, FAQ, judging criteria/guidelines, pricing, etc. Staff will provide administrative and marketing support, including software implementation and planning the recognition event. Volunteers would be recruited annually for a Judging Committee.


Attend twice-monthly meetings, contribute to program development and market research activities, and consult with non-task force members to get feedback. Once announced, champion the program. Some asynchronous work is expected.

The task force meets on the second and fourth Thursdays at 4pm ET.

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