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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees SSP’s budget and financial operations.

Roster Info

Current Roster

We are a relatively small committee and would love to welcome three new members this year. While experience with finance and budgeting is welcome, it is not a requirement.

Tasks & Projects

  • Fine-tuned the budget for 2024
  • Explored ways to align investment policies with SSP’s values
  • Reviewed agreement with financial advisors to ensure alignment with current needs


This committee slightly differs from others in that a large part oversees the financial reports and annual budget approval. Volunteers are, therefore, expected to come to the monthly calls prepared to discuss the reports circulated beforehand and flag any unexpected items. Improving our existing policies is always welcome, so new ideas are encouraged and can lead to enjoyable deeper dives with a working group.

This committee uses working groups to conduct deep dives on specific topics for 3-4 months. For example, when we decided to revisit how our long-term reserve was handled, a subgroup of 4 conducted the research, communicated with our financial advisor, and made a recommendation for the rest of the committee to consider.

The Finance committee feels strongly aligned with all 4 of SSP’s Core Values, but we especially take integrity to heart. Every decision we make is driven by our commitment to grow SSP’s financial health over the long term, regardless of industry pressure or our backgrounds. Adaptability is also highly relevant, especially given current economic turbulence.

Through these projects, the Finance committee ensures SSP is in the best position possible to handle turbulences in the future. While not all disruptions may involve a situation as extreme as 2020 and the cancellation of our Annual Meeting, we want to ensure SSP is as strong and flexible as possible financially.

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