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Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee plans and manages professional development activities, including mentorship, professional profiles, and the student and early career Fellowship program. 

Roster Info

A full roster has 25-30 volunteers. | Current Roster

Our target is to recruit somewhere between 5 to 10 members. Our working groups include the Fellowship Program, Mentorship Program, SSP’s professional Profiles, Career Progression Task Force, and Leadership Academy program.

Tasks & Projects

  • Fellowship Program
  • Mentorship Program 
  • SSP’s professional Profiles
  • Enhance the Professional Skills Survey and Map
  • Introduce services around career coaching and resume review
  • Leadership Academy program for SSP members


Committee members are expected to attend monthly meetings and contribute to at least one working group. CDC projects aim to provide diverse career development, training, and networking opportunities, particularly targeting students and early-career professionals in publishing and library science programs. Members can expect ample networking and learning opportunities from peers and fellow committee members.

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