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Monday, October 30, 2017
Research Square
Durham, NC

Nearly all professionals want to how they can grow in their field but leadership development is often overlooked at organizations. Without spending time on developing staff members’ professional skills, organizations risk high turnover, wasted resources, and internal political roadblocks. But with good planning and mentoring, staff can be retained, developed, and succeed at a high level. This panel is intended to provide information to those looking to develop their own skills, as well as managers seeking practical tips and advice. 

Specific topics will be: How can individuals look for opportunities of leadership development? How can managers do a better job on these activities? What risks and strategies have individuals taken in their career? How do you identify opportunities for growth in flat organizations? What practical things can an individual do on their own to ensure they are still growing?


Meredith Morovati, Dryad


Laura Poole, Co-owner and Director of Training, Copyediting.com
Julie Nash, Senior Partner, J&J Editorial
Alicia Parr, Principal, Performentor.biz